Vélosophe Beer: Perfect recovery after Schleck Gran Fondo

A good beer after a hard bike ride has always been the most enjoyable way to refresh and recover. Vélosophe Beer is the creation of Damien Bisetti, a bike shop entrepreneur, Swiss BMX Champion, and 4th generation restaurateur and bicycle racer. Velosophe pours forth from these 4 generations of passionate devotion to all that is Bicycle. The history, friendships, emotions, stories, innovations and traditions. Above all, we love how some things have never changed. Legs still hurt. Lungs still burn. The etiquette of group riding. And relaxing with a refreshing beer after a long ride.

The natural evolution of these passions was to create a beer for cyclists. For those who like their cycling unfiltered, pure, raw and emotional, we give you an artisanal beer that does just that. Vélosophe is rich in minerals, calcium, proteins and vitamins that assist your recovery after a hard ride. Open a bottle with friends after a great ride, toast your days effort, laugh and enjoy the camaraderie, and recover so that tomorrow you can go out and do it all over again.