Race rules & regulations

Participants of the Schleck Gran Fondo must be aware of all the Rules & Regulations which include timekeeping and rankings, time limits, equipment allowed, safety, medical and personal assistance and other important topics.

Key Points:

  • Ride on the right hand side of the road
  • Respect traffic signs
  • Respect traffic lights if there is no marshal present
  • Respect other road users (not involved in the event)
  • Ensure your own safety and speed control
  • Wear a hardshell helmet at all times
  • Wear your bib number on your back
  • Position your frame plate on the front of your handlebars
  • Respect the Luxembourgish Traffic Regulations. The roads are at any time open to traffic.



As participant of the Schleck Gran Fondo, you commit to respect the environnement and the natural areas visited. It is strictly forbidden to leave any type of waste on the course.

Categories for the qualifications

Only those participants aged 19 (born before 01.01.2000) and above can qualify for the UCI World Gran Fondo Championships. The different categories are defined in accordance to the cyclist’s age dated on 31 December 2018. If the qualified cyclist for a particular age category passes into a next age category in the following year, they will automatically move into the correct age category at the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.

If you choose not to race for the qualification for the World Championships, then you can register for the distance of your choice!

Riders who race for the qualification of the World Championships have to register in the following categories:

The men in categories M1,2,3,4,5,6 have to ride the Gran Fondo of 155 km to qualify.

  • Cat M1: 19/34y
  • Cat M2: 35/39y
  • Cat M3: 40/44y
  • Cat M4: 45/49y
  • Cat M5: 50/54y
  • Cat M6: 55/59y
  • Cat M7: 60/64y
  • Cat M8: 65/69y
  • Cat M9: 70+y

All women categories W1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 as well as men categories M7,8,9 have to ride the Medio Fondo of 85 km.

  • Cat W1: 19/34y
  • Cat W2: 35/39y
  • Cat W3: 40/44y
  • Cat W4: 45/49y
  • Cat W5: 50/54y
  • Cat W6: 55/59y
  • Cat M7/W7: 60/64y
  • Cat M8/W8: 65/69y
  • Cat M9/W9: 70+y

Race Start Procedure

All the qualifications riders will start in Age Categories from the youngest to the oldest. Each age category has a unique color on the Bib Number serving as identification tag.

There are 10 different age categories for both men and women. The riders of the 85 km and 155 km track will start separately.

The Age Categories and Start Procedure for Men and Women are as follows:

Qualification Ride

Starting Block 1: Category M1/W1: 19/34y

Starting Block2: Category M2/W2: 35/39y

Starting Block 3: Category M3/W3: 40/44y

Starting Block 4: Category M4/W4: 45/49y

Starting Block 5: Category M5/W5: 50/54y

Starting Block 6: Category M6/W6: 55/59y

Starting Block 7: Category M7/W7: 60/64y

Starting Block 8: Category M8/W8: 65/69y

Starting Block 9: Category M9/W9: 70+y


Leisure Ride

Starting Block 10: Category M/W:     19/70+y

There will be a mass start per age group for the qualification riders. The participants of the Leisure Ride start behind the age groups of the qualification ride.

Chip Timing

Gun time principle.

While picking up your Bib number, you will have to pay a deposit of 15€ for the Chip. After the race, you will be refunded. The Chip has to be returned to the registration office in the Town hall!

Packet Pickup

You personally have to pick up your packet. Please bring the following documents:

  • Confirmation Letter
  • Identity Card
  • Licensed riders have to bring their UCI license
  • 15 € deposit for the Chip

In order to ensure a smooth process for the packet pickup, we recommend you to arrive as early as possible to avoid long queues on Saturday, and preferably on Friday so you can join the safety briefing afterwards. 

The packet pickup times are as follows:

Friday 25 May 2018   03:00 p.m. – 06:45 p.m. 

Saturday 26 May 2018   07:00 a.m. – 08:30 p.m.

Registration fees

Before 16/05/2018:54€49€
25 & 26/05/2018:60€55€

what’s included : Pasta Party Voucher • Printed Road Book • Bike sticker with profile info • Bib number & Bike plate • Official Goodie bag • Water bottle • Nutrixxion Energy Bar • Schleck X-Perience Towel • Cycling Cap • Buff • Coffee Corner • Mechanical Support • Feed Zones • Massage • Ater Race Party • Awards and Ruffles