Participants of the Schleck Gran Fondo are redeemed to have read, understood and accepted the race regulations, and agree to abide by these regulations at all times.


The Schleck Gran Fondo is a mass cycle event open to all participants, license-holders or not, over the age of 18. Minors may participate on the shorter course upon presentation of parental consent at the packet pickup.

If you choose not to race for the qualification for the World Championships, then you can register for the distance of your choice!

All the riders will start in Age Categories from the youngest to the oldest. Each age category has a unique colour on the Number Bib serving as identification tag. There are 9 different age categories for both men and women. The riders of the 89,5km and 162km track will start separately.

The Age Categories for Men and Women are as follows:

Cat M1/F1: 19/34 y Cat M2/F2: 35/39y Cat M3/F3: 40/44y Cat M4/F4: 45/49y Cat M5/F5: 50/54y Cat M6/F6: 55/59y Cat M7/F7: 60/64y Cat M8/F8: 65/69y Cat M9/F9: + 70y

Qualification for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

Only those participants aged 19 (born before 01.01.1999) and above can qualify for the UCI World Granfondo Championships. The different categories are defined in accordance to the cyclist’s age dated on 31 December 2017. If the qualified cyclist for a particular age category passes into a next age category in the following year, they will automatically move into the correct age category at the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.

Riders who race for the qualification of the World Championships have to regsiter in the following categories:

The men in categories H1,2,3,4,5,6, have to ride the long course of 162km to qualify.

All women categories as well as H7,8,9 have to ride the short course of 89,5km to qualify.

MEN                             WOMEN

19-34 • 162km          19-34 • 89,5km

35-39 • 162km         35-39 • 89,5km

40-44  • 162km        40-44 • 89,5km

45-49 • 162km         45-44 • 89,5km

50-54 • 162km         50-54 • 89,5km

55-59 • 162km          55-59 • 89,5km

60-64 • 89,5km           60-64 • 89,5km

65+ • 89,5km               65 + • 89,5km


Before 31/12/2016 : 49€ for the 162km course • 44€ for the 89,5km course

Before 12/05/2017 : 54€ for the 162km course • 49€ for the 89,5km course

19 & 20/05/2017 : 59€ for the 162km course • 54€ for the 89,5km course

what’s included : starter fee •  official goodie bag with drink bottle, energy bar • Mechanical Support • Coffee Corner • Chip Timing • Bib Number • Finisher Medal for the first 25% of each age category • Certificate • Course Tech • Feed Zones • Massage • Pasta Party • After race party with concert • Awards and Raffles